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  • Osato grave

    On southwestern cliff of island, it is grave in upper temple corner Hara.

    Category Remains folk, culture and others, other manners and customs photographs

  • Around garden wicket made of cogongrasses ugan remains dispersion place

    In remains dispersion place to spread through grove of miscellaneous trees of the west village west, beauty and others Island aguni clean center is in the area, too. Garden wicket made of cogongrasses original cave (Ann Gyor reed mace) remains are in the west of dispersion place, and only sherd and stone implement are excavated. In addition, there are Matsuo original cave (habasarugama) remains in the south side, tortoise type, pot...

    Category Remains, remains

  • kohicha

    Originally Agunijima which was island of volcano. There is cliff of tufa which volcanic ashes are piled up on southwestern side of island, and was made and calls the tufa in meaning called soft stone running over powder with "kohicha". Old days are spent as chalk substitute and are utilization everywhere of life including incense lamp of haisho...

    Category Remains, remains

  • sakamokunaharakaikishikeishoji

    Rock of two this in sakamokunaharakaikishiichitai under the pretense of medasshi (rocky mountain) as for two there are rock of kojo, wharf, giant butterbur reed mace rocks place where soft place is scraped off by erosion of seawater and remained. When advance west, big lump and tufa of andesite, giant butterbur reed mace (cave)...

    Category Remains, remains

  • At home

    Category Remains and others, photograph

  • sushiharakaitsuka

    Along northwest of west village, there are Tohoku and cliff lengthening southwest. This shell mound is on intermediate part of the cliff, Ryukyu limestone plateau along the north end of west village. There is west Buddha's wish for salvation of the world under the cliff, and west Buddha's wish for salvation of the world shell mound is under this cliff, too. In sushiharakaitsuka, shell mound is destroyed by road building of 1965, ground stratum containing historical objects...

    Category Remains, shell mound

  • terikimeiharasaokaibutsusanfuji

    It is remains dispersion place confirmed in investigation (January, 1957) carried out earliest of archeology investigation in Agunijima. Investigation person is Nitta Shigekiyo who was Itoman high school teacher in those days. terikimeiharasaoka is called the beach of common name ugu. Other than terikimeiharasaoka this in investigation for several days...

    Category Remains, remains

  • West Buddha's wish for salvation of the world shell mound

    According to the offing size report sentence, "this shell mound is formed in foot of the cliff of upward approximately 5m of common name ikintoga (reservoir) of the character west. There are crack of bedrock and small cave under the cliff, and west Hara of haisho is at position of east approximately 5m. Position of shell mound which there is ground stratum containing historical objects saying we were not able to confirm and shows by survey by finder...

    Category Remains, shell mound

  • Beach remains dispersion place

    We are formed to dune farm between north of beach village and the east. The whole area is named common name Jahana Hara, kinfumeihara, buzajihara, and it is located, and remains spray on the east side of upheaval of a coral reef running to the north and south in the west of beach village widely. Quantity of dispersion is in condition to be extremely poor, and to be hard to collect. Collection remains are earthenware vessel, stone implements...

    Category Remains, remains

  • Hamasaki original remains

    The immediate north side of port of foxtail millet country. There is beach remains dispersion place in the north side northeast east remains dispersion place. Near the memorial of Hamasaki Hara, stone ax is gathered. It is thought that this was stone ax of the Usa Beach period, but it is considered that we were converted into blocks for beating straw on when we see in the current situation. This does not produce in Agunijima...

    Category Remains, remains

  • The remains of Matsuo original cave

    When the cave looks in entrance, we receive erosion and become way of water when it rains.
    For remains, there is constriction flat-bottomed earthenware vessel to be thought to be earthenware vessel of the latter term end and there are not contaminants such as fragments of quartz in womb soil and differs from earthenware vessel of sushihara in aspect. It is good hard earthenware vessel of burning.

    Category Remains, remains

  • Port original remains dispersion place

    The south of Hamachi ward, the east side of port of foxtail millet country, remains dispersion place in the north side of luck n saki. It is not so wide with north and south around 200m. Remains of beach dispersion place spreads out to dune farm of the north side widely. Earthenware vessel and stone ax are excavated, but quantity of dispersion is extremely poor. It is the north and south again in dune area of east bank of island on the east side...

    Category Remains, remains

  • Open space scenic spot of watch box Hara

    We call the writing brush n saki (we say mahana) whole area at the west end of the south of island open space of watch box Hara and are good place of view most in island. Watch box Hara is original name around this open space.
    In this open space, in east direction and north direction, cliff of 10 meters of height divisors continues at approximately 87 meters above sea level on tufa, is the east particularly...

    Category Remains, remains

  • The remains of bottom of the sea

    We discovered, and it was photographed recently by local diver. About these "remains of bottom of the sea," there are "one of the old fisheries" or opinions such as "traces of production of tuji", but the truth is mysterious and is wrapped.

    Category Remains, remains

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