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  • Hanger Hara

    In February 15, 1968 hanger Hara

    Category Folk, culture industry and others, living (clothes, meal, house) agriculture photograph

  • Sugar mill

    Aguni-son 3.4 years of Aguni-son us
    We weigh and wrap

    Category Industry and others, photograph

  • Foxtail millet country retractable wind-generated electricity facility

    Retractable wind-generated electricity facilities which become the third spot following Haterumajima, Minami Daitojima in 2014. Feather of windmill is two pieces, and retractable wind-generated electricity facilities can defeat nearly 90 degrees on ground. It is designed to be able to avoid strong winds such as at the time of typhoons. Main power source of Agunijima is thermal power generation once,...

    Category Industry, others

  • Foxtail millet country Airport

    The first aviation is going into service by 3 roundtrips a day by "passenger plane of nine-passenger smallest in Japan" now between Naha - foxtail millet countries. It links Naha to Agunijima in approximately 25 minutes and becomes precious transportation for people living in Aguni-son.

    Category Industry, agriculture and others

  • Foxtail millet country elementary and junior high school

    At village sole school, we found a school as foxtail millet country primary school of 1898. It became foxtail millet country elementary school, foxtail millet country secondary school by educational system reform in 1948. Island does not have high school and when children graduate from junior high school, we leave island and enter other islands and high school of Okinawa Island.

    Category Industry, others

  • Aguni-son Sightseeing Association

    We introduce sightseeing information of Aguni-son. Let alone diving, various experience-based programs including dishes experiences such as the making of walk of village by guide and foxtail millet country yushi tofu are prepared for. (reservation required), besides, carry introduction, rent-a-car of lodging, overall sightseeing of island including arrangement of rent-a-bicycle. ma...

    Category Industry, others

  • Aguni-son center public hall

    In Aguni-son center public hall, it was completed on March 31, 1980. As social education organization of groups various as for building total area by 102 tsubos (approximately 337 square meters) function.

    Category Industry, others

  • Aguni-son government office

    At Aguni-son government office, we perform country, prefecture, window duties with the neighborhood municipalities or sightseeing-related consultation let alone administrative services such as tax practice, industrial development commencing with the education, welfare, medical care for villagers.

    Category Industry, others

  • A co-op

    Food, daily necessities are prepared. As we can purchase souvenir made specially in foxtail millet country including "salt of foxtail millet country" "sotetsu miso" "aguniyokan mer me" let alone local person, we use a lot tourist. AA ice release place. Business hours from 8:00 to 19:00 (on soil, holiday 18:0...

    Category Industry, others

  • Okinawa Haiyan Institute

    There is factory in the north side of island and acquires international standard ISO22000 of food safety management in 2010. "Salt of foxtail millet country" which became instigator of salt boom of Okinawa is made here. Of building "sai kan tower" of 10m in height that drew up seawater with pump, and piled up hole space block on every direction...

    Category Industry, agriculture

  • Gas station

    Two places of gas stations in Aguni-son. Only in one place close to government office and one place close to port

    Category Industry, others

  • Sugar mill

    We started the operation in 1984 and continued supporting industry of island as base made with brown sugar. We build new sugar mill and, with deterioration of old sugar mill, are completed in March, 2011. We change the manufacturing method from open fire method to megass boiler method on this occasion. As for the raw sugar, Shinjo Gima learns the sugar manufacture method from China...

    Category Industry, manufacturing industry

  • Villager ranch

    We use for protection of cycad which is resources of Aguni-son and utilization of land as ranch. Cycad is old days, Agunijima with a little water, and the mind that we valued as emergency rations which often keep alive themselves for forthcoming famine is inherited now, and cycad is appointed to village flower tree of Agunison. We use this cycad wilderness...

    Category Industry, the stock-raising industry

  • The first aviation islander

    The sole airline which links Naha to island. We take seat with the number of seats of up to nine people in vice-cockpit, and flight is possible, too. We see figure steering even from rear seat and hear the exchanges with control tower, too. While flight altitude being lower than other passenger planes, and enjoying airspeed moyukkurinotame, beautiful scenery; i...

    Category Industry, others

  • Black kite good luck

    Besides, including "shibimaguro Jackie who finished in deep taste by using brown sugar of ho retashibimaguroo island in the Agunijima sea near the shore," "dish simmered in shibimaguronotsukuda" "foods dried with mirin of flying fish are sale, too". Business hours from 10:00 to 19:00 Wednesday fixed closing day TEL098-988-2611...

    Category Industry, others

  • Agricultural cooperative (JA)

    Various special products, souvenirs including salt of brown sugar and foxtail millet country made in Aguni-son are sale. In addition, "it is body horse salt of foxtail millet country which is special product which student and others of foxtail millet country village foxtail millet country Junior High School devised and ice cream which we have, and millet karinto entered! AA ice is sold, too.

    Category Industry, others

  • Park golf course

    May, 2012 opening. We maintain 36 halls of the mahanakosu 18 holes, the cycad course 18 holes in total while using slant of nature. We can play comfortably to be at superb view spot of hill of island while looking at the green sea and Nature of foxtail millet country. Park golf is any people regardless of age or sex question wa with low charge...

    Category Industry, others

  • Ferry foxtail millet country

    Traffic on the seas that is indispensable in traffic network with the island outside. It is established by the village and we commute and operate Agunijima 1st 1 from Tomari Port

    Category Industry, others

  • Writing brush n sakishita

    Refreshment to look up at a little less than 100m cliff from right under. And contrast that it is empty. We can see scene impressive at all when we go to writing brush n sakikitasei as sunlight shines through the back of cliff in the morning. As trees grow thick, and there is light, it is possible leisurely, of snorkel even if is based; person...

    Category Industry, others other

  • Oldness and museum

    Museum which it is next to Aguni-son government office, and displays old old tools in Aguni-son center public hall. Car baud and kumujichi stone, order that we used when we carry thing are displayed.

    Category Industry, others

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