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Insect cage (sotetsunomushikago) of cycad

We put two cases from the center, and insect cage can make leaf of one cycad into when we bend both leaves in turn. We put cicada, grasshopper, grasshopper in the completed insect cage. (Aguni-son magazine)   

■Insect cage
When it is summer from spring, grasshopper and butterfly collecting is one of the favorite play, too. Old children handcrafted basket to put insect which we adopted in with leaf of cycad.

Basic information

Category Folk, culture :Living (clothes, meal, house) Time The solar calendar:
The site Origin time The times, the generation: Postwar - 2000 (1945 through 2000)  
References Aguni-son magazine


[Japanese name] Insect cage
[tool divided by pine] Leaf of cycad
[season] In the summer
[place] Indoor, the outdoors

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