Aguni-son history chart

Feudal age
1429 (Shocho 2) He imperial descendant still begins the Miyama unification first by Hashi Sho
1469 (Onin 3) Kanemaru takes the throne, and he imperial descendant still still begins the second named Japanese yen
1603 (Keicho 7) Ieyasu Tokugawa opens the Edo Shogunate
1609 (Keicho 14) Ryukyu invasion of Shimazu
1611 (Keicho 16) Guard station is installed in the beach, and first lord of a manor charges are appointed
1644 (Kanei 21) Signal fire stand is put
1713 (Shotoku 3) Tobimura pro-Imperial Court of Naha does Kurushima and guides cultivation of mulberry, breeding of silkworm, production of raw silk, silk thread
1725 (Kyoho 10) Local allotment is put
1733 (Kyoho 18) Husband lord of a manor is employed
1737 (Genbun 2) We found octuple village and Hamamura
1739 (Genbun 4) kensha is put
1824 (Bunsei 7) ... Bad crop follows, and island becomes famine state [until - 1827 (Bunsei 10)]
1829 (Bunsei 12) We receive hoka from nine *najochikutokore and others of Yae village where had good deed in the case of famine, King prefecture
1847 (Koka 4) Foreign ship Kurushima, 23 crew go ashore to island, and food requires
1867 (Keio 3) Restoration of the Imperial rule
1868 (origin of Meiji) The Meiji government establishment
It is ... Taisho era after the establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains
1872 (Meiji 5) Ryukyu feudal clan setting
1879 (Meiji 12) We abolish octuple village with abolished feudal clan and establish Nishimura, Higashi-son newly
1882 (Meiji 15) It becomes the Naha government office jurisdiction from the Kumejima government office jurisdiction
1896 (Meiji 29) We are admitted from the Naha jurisdiction into Shimajiri-gun
1897 (Meiji 30) Abolishing a government post less than lord of a manor charges, Mayor of island, treasurer, clerk are put, and, by "Okinawa five-holed short bamboo clarinet island officials rule," guard station becomes government office. Kikutaro Yonashiro bonito fishery of Mayor of first island begins to Mayor of first island (Okinawa's first)
1898 (Meiji 31) We teach in 35 foxtail millet country primary school child students and start
1902 (Meiji 35) Sugar manufacture business begins
1903 (Meiji 36) Land rearranging completion. Nishimura, Higashimura, Hamamura abolish and are enforced constituency system and are renamed to the character west, the character east, the character beach
1905 (Meiji 38) Okuhama from foxtail millet country discovers Russian Baltic fleet and contacts Miyako police station
1906 (Meiji 39) Foxtail millet country post office handling place is installed
1907 (Meiji 40) Third-class post office setting by no collection and delivery contract system
1908 (Meiji 41) It becomes Aguni-son by Okinawa islands municipality organization
It is Kikutaro Yonashiro of Mayor of first island for the first village mayor
1914 (Taisho 3) We organize character beach west group bonito fishing association
1915 (Taisho 4) We organize character beach Azuma-gumi bonito fishing association
1916 (Taisho 5) It becomes foxtail millet country senior elementary school attached to advanced course by new elementary school ordinance
Character beach west group bonito fishing association, character beach Azuma-gumi bonito fishing association are dissolved
1920 (Taisho 9) General municipality organization is enforced, and village mayor is elected for the first time in assembly
1935 (Showa 10) Agricultural Association establishment
1938 (Showa 13) Agricultural society establishment
Foxtail millet country senior elementary school becomes tile-roofing school building
1941 (Showa 16) It becomes Aguni-son national elementary school by nation laws of education
It becomes no collection and delivery contract system revision, privately-owned post office
1943 (Showa 18) Wireless telephone opening
1944 (Showa 19) Police substation setting, officer starts for the new post for the first time
1945 (Showa 20) Air raid first on March 23. The June 9 U.S. forces landing Battle of Okinawa end of the war
Foxtail millet country elementary school setting medical office setting
1946 (Showa 21) Tatsuyuki Sueyoshi takes office as village mayor by military government appointment
The village administration committee 12 election
1948 (Showa 23) Mayoral election accompanied with the enforcement of Local Autonomy Law, member of the village assembly election conduct
It becomes foxtail millet country elementary and junior high school of elementary and junior high school juxtaposition by school regulations revision
1950 (Showa 25) We let each character dig well
Officer Ryukyu government Police jurisdiction Aguni residential police boxes setting
1951 (Showa 26) It is changed organization to Aguni-son sericulture association
1952 (Showa 27) Village names boat owned by small Ryo Mineshige purchase yokyugan
1954 (Showa 29) It is started wireless telegraphy setting, the telegram handling by post office
1956 (Showa 31) Broadcast launch in village with parent and child radio
1957 (Showa 32) We establish sugar mill by machine power to the character east
1959 (Showa 34) It is put foxtail millet country observatory
We establish sugar mill by machine power in the character beach
1960 (Showa 35) We dispatch public health nurse from Okinawa Island
1963 (Showa 38) It is started business at power output capacity 50 kilowatts by farm output fishing village electricity introduction promotion law
1964 (Showa 39) Pier completion
1965 (Showa 40) Wireless telephone opening, call start with magnet-type telephone
1967 (Showa 42) We purchase construction passenger ship
1968 (Showa 43) There are premises of a school expansion, athletic ground of elementary and junior high school
Aguni-son public health nurse residential police boxes construction, move
1970 (Showa 45) Medical office reconstruction
1971 (Showa 46) Telephone becomes able to talk for 24 hours
Villager meeting place Hall
1972 (Showa 47) Village office Government building completion
Postal office completion
Okinawa is returned by Japan
1973 (Showa 48) Foxtail millet country village kindergarten establishment
Pier completion, Ushiomaru measuring 80 meters in length come alongside the pier for the first time
1975 (Showa 50) Small water-supply system completion
We organize any fishermen's production cooperative
1978 (Showa 53) Agunijima Lighthouse duties start
Southwest Air Lines (DHCI6) goes into service between the foxtail millet country Airport opening of a port, Naha - foxtail millet countries
1979 (Showa 54) We call and dial
Central public hall completion
1983 (Showa 58) Emergency broadcast system introduction
Remote island general center completion
1984 (Showa 59) The new ship ferry aguni service
1987 (Showa 62) Seawater water conversion factory completion
1989 (Heisei 1) In substitution for Southwest Air Lines, Ryukyu air commuter (islander) goes into service
1999 (Heisei 11) Movie "love of nabii" foxtail millet country location
2000 (Heisei 12) Phone line ISDN
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2001 (Heisei 13) Seawater water conversion facility (600 tons of daily output) completion
2002 (Heisei 14) The new ship ferry foxtail millet country service
2004 (Heisei 16) Incineration facilities "beauty and others Island aguni clean center" operation
2006 (Heisei 18) Phone line ADSL
2009 (Heisei 21) Aviation first in place of Ryukyu air commuter
(islander) goes into service between foxtail millet country - Naha
2010 (Heisei 22) General corporate judicial person Aguni-son Sightseeing Association establishment
2012 (Heisei 24) Agunijima park golf course opening
2014 (Heisei 26) Retractable wind-generated electricity facility commercially operates and starts

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