We raise photograph and documents of Agunijima.

Are "foxtail millet country archives" ...?

The history, tradition, culture inherited from old days is frequent in Aguni-son, but it is felt uneasy about by aging and the depopulation that the tradition is cut off.
Therefore we collect photograph, pictures which recorded (dance, dialect, festival, life, play, manners and customs, life tool), the history, tradition, culture of Aguni-son regardless of immaterial materiality, and reading utilizes the history of our hometown foxtail millet country as record property in homepage "foxtail millet country archives" in many various places.
As you raise photograph and picture, documents to publish concerned at any time at Aguni-son government office, please cooperate.

About offer of document (photograph, picture, others)

I temporarily take document (around one month) and return after having saved digitally.
When you can offer document, please contact the following reference. The staff of charge calls at home.
I would like cooperation on this occasion as the staff may ask about the generation or place that were photographed (used) of photograph.

  1. 1.Old photograph, picture
    Good old photograph and picture which photographed local scenery, living, play scenery, festival, event
  2. 2.Old life tool, agricultural machinery
    Clothes, tool of house, kitchen tool, agricultural machinery, tool of fishing
  3. 3.Document and book which are related to area
    Native district book, history book of village, other documents concerned
  4. 4.Sound source data
    Folk song music data of Agunijima such as foxtail millet country garden wicket made of cogongrasses clause, shittim re-gnarl

Inflection method of photograph which we collected

Photograph which we collected is going to conjugate as reading in homepage "foxtail millet country archives" and business of village, native district learning document of elementary and junior high school.

In addition, we try for wide inflection such as rental to holding and each event of exhibition.
In addition, I will inform beforehand when I utilize photograph which had you provide.

Reference of this page

Aguni-son government office General Administration Division

Location 〒 901-3702 Aguni-son, Okinawa character east 367
Telephone /FAX TEL 098-988-2016 / FAX 098-988-2206

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